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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  May 19, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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came in this afternoon from queens and county. the good news is we are not getting major reports of damage or injury from that tornado. >> once again the water is rising in georgetown. unlike a few weeks ago, the flood walls are up at washington harbour. no major issues with the businesses along the waterfront this time. >> our chief meteorologist continues to watch the skies and the radar to night. doug hill joins us from the weather center. >> here is the latest development. in the metro washington area it is looking good. how do we know? our rooftop camera. it is a florida-looking sky. a few fair weather clouds. the storms are to the south and across the potomac river in southern maryland. they are all moving eastward toward the chesapeake bay. the majority are shifting into
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pennsylvania. if you want sunshine and dry weather, that is a good sign. for the moment, we are still under a flash flood watch until 10:00 tonight. we will have more coming up in a couple of minutes. >> thank you. you can check out more weather information and pictures of the storm any time on line at the all name >> tonight, president obama makes a lofty pitch about the future of the middle east. he asked the palestinians to turn back the clock on borders in israel and more than 40 years. israeli officials are already speaking out. we are live in the news room with more. >> the president pushed for a new start to the israeli- palestinian stalemate. he also announced a new u.s. trade and investment plan for the middle east and north africa. he called this the season of change following the death of osama bin ladin and uprisings against oppressive regimes.
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he called it a relationship tested by anxiety acknowledging that many middle easterners mistrust u.s. intentions. >> this mistrust runs both ways as americans have been seared by violent rhetoric, hostage- taking and violent attacks. >> he called for an israeli- palestinian peace agreement and called for lines to be drawn from the 4 israel took over eastern jerusalem the west bank and gaza in 1964. >> the dream of the jewish and democratic state cannot be fulfilled with permanent occupation. but endless delay will not make the problem go away. >> the president praised the voices of people rising up against dictatorship and defended his decision to intervene with the military in libya. >> we will keep going for as long as it takes. >> following the death of osama bin ladin the president says we
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need to do better getting allies like yemen and bahrain to improve human rights. muslim leaders held a press conference to react to the speech. afterward, they said statements should be back with action. >> one challenge the president has is that people in the region are somewhat at a point of speech fatigue. they are looking for policy. >> already today in israel, prime minister benjamin netanyahu called it indefensible for president obama to suggest that israel should go back to pre-1967 borders accusing the white house of not defending is really security needs. >> there are new developments in the case involving the head of the imf. a grand jury has indicted dominique strauss-kahn in connection with an alleged attack on a hotel chambermaid.
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this afternoon dominique strauss-kahn made a plea for bail. >> it was a successful plea. dominique strauss-kahn got what he asked for a $1 million cash bail and permission to stay in a manhattan apartment. the sexual assault case against him is moving forward. >> desperate for his freedom dominique strauss-kahn appeared in court again today. the judge complied, despite a vigorous argument that he is a flight risk. >> the proof is substantial and continuing to grow every day as the investigation continues. it should be considered by the court when evaluating the issue. >> he was indicted on seven counts today including first- degree criminal sexual acts and attempted rape. in arguing for his client's release, the defense attorney refuted the idea that his client would flee.
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>> these two pieces of evidence authoritatively rebut the notion that he was in a panic. >> under the bailout package, he will surrender his passport, opposed $1 million cash bail, where an electronic monitoring bracelet and remained confined to new york city apartment. we have learned that evidence including key card records security cameras and interviews support the victim's claim of being in the room at the same time as dominique strauss-kahn perhaps for as long as 15 minutes. >> i have no doubt that every jury in the world will absolutely believe what she is saying is true. >> he is expected to be released tomorrow. he blew kisses to his wife and daughter before leaving the courtroom today. >> thank you. in the meantime, the u.s. government says the $25 million reward offered for osama bin ladin's capture will not be paid because the cia and military did
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not have an informant when he was killed. also today the feds are looking into the most recent audio tape made by bin laden. no specific threats were made, but other documents show plans for an attack on or before the 10th anniversary of 9/11. >> the fbi is investigating whether the unabomber is linked to the 1980's tylenol poisoning case. they have asked for a sample of his dna. they say he may have been involved in the chicago area poisoning that killed seven people in 1982. they died after taking tylenol tablets laced with potassium cyanide. the unabomber is serving a lifetime sentence for 16 bombings that killed three people in 1988. >> ahead, major struggles for our men and women overseas. we have a new assessment of the morale of troops in afghanistan. >> also, the biggest ways americans are reportedly wasting
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their money. >> it is graduation day at the university of maryland. in this market, how
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>> a new report finds morale among u.s. troops in afghanistan is in a tailspin. >> more than 80% of the troops say they have seen a friend died in combat. the report depression and anxiety. soldiers also complain about deployment and the length -- the number and length of their deployment. mental health staff has been deployed to help troops deal with these feelings. >> more than 30 cities will be affected by cuts to homeland security. the budget for an initiative to help urban areas was cut by more than $100 million. that program was launched as a response to security threats after 9/11. new york city in most cities in maryland and virginia were scared. >> new jobless numbers suggest the job market is improving, but slowly. the labor department reports that 29,000 fewer people applied for unemployment benefits last week.
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that is the second drop in just as many weeks. there was a spike in claims last month. analysts say the surge appears to have been only temporary. >> do you always feel you are broke? it could be that you are wasting your money and not knowing it. cnn money found that the biggest money waster is atm surcharges. the best bet is to use your own bank's atm. then there are lottery tickets. some people spend up to $20 a week on lottery tickets and hardly ever see a return. the no. 3 waster is your copy have it. on average people spend $8 on each -- york coffee habit. on average, people spend $8 on each copy shop visit. >> coming up how graduates will deal with a tough economy. >> and we have a look at the forecast.
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>> commencement has started across the country. grads are facing a slim job market and some of the highest college debt ever. how are they dealing with these tough times? we are live in college park with a look. >> today is graduation day here at college park. tonight the graduates will be celebrating because tomorrow they are going to have to start making some very tough decisions about their lives. >> errant shot is all smiles today after four years of -- this woman is all smiles today. after four years of studying, she is graduating with debt and no job. >> i have had a lot of interviews, but have not found what is right for me. >> she is not alone in her worry. according to a survey, 85% of graduates will be moving back home after graduation. a faltering economy has the class of 2011 faced with a tight
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job market and tough decisions. >> take what you can get if they offer low or wait for something to come up. >> many grads we talk to say they are so discouraged they have stopped looking. >> we just need a little more experience first. >> it is tough out there. >> very tough. >> i am going to grad school. >> the real world may be tough but going back to school may likely put them in even greater debt. undergraduates are walking away with the national average of $27,000 in student loan debt. the answer, this woman says, would be a job for her in her field. >> i would like to be a natural resources police officer. >> after months of searching the country for a job, she has had no luck. >> i keep applying and waiting for people to call me back, but it is tough. everyone is graduating, so everyone is looking for the same jobs. >> i'm from new jersey.
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i am going to go to the shore and wing it. >> a number of students say they want to move back home -- they do not want to move back home but because of the tough economic times, they will do what they have to do. >> glad it is not raining on them. >> actually, in the metro area it is nice with sunshine. >> but the river is coming up? >> probably another 14-15 inches tonight. this rooftop camera will give you a view of the city. a beautiful parade of clouds. let's see if we can fix this for you real quick. we have seen the clouds come and go. showers pretty much stayed away from the metro area during the day. we will see the cloud stay pretty much mixed during the evening hours. did you see that shift? it was subtle. the clouds were moving from south to north but this afternoon they started going from west to east. that is a good sign if you like
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sunshine and dry weather. there was a quarter of a rain -- quarter of an inch of rain in some areas today. there were pretty heavy downpours, but we only picked up a couple of lightning strikes in the past 115 minutes. lighter rain extends north up into calvert county near prince frederick. that is about it other than isolated sprinkles. 78 and 58 the high and low. 76 is the average high. we will hit that and go substantially higher over the next couple of days. it is 72 degrees at reagan national. there is a fair amount of cloud cover and some showers. most of the showers are to the north and northeast. we see that on the satellite with the radar superimposed. this is starting to move finally. instead of getting moisture from the atlantic ocean here, we are seeing that deflected to the
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north and then we are seeing another atmosphere come from the west. all of this is a good sign that the storm system is moving out and we will have only a slight chance of thundershowers tomorrow. as we had through the weekend saturday no rain is forecast, partly sunny and 80. look at this trend sunday- thursday mid-upper-80's with partly cloudy skies. the high pressure will be off the southeast coast pumping up a summertime air mass. i want to remind you again to check out our new especially the weather section where there is all kinds of information. we will update the beach information constantly straight through the summer season. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >> in baseball, the object of the exercise is to put more runs on the board than the other
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team. >> you are amazing. >> i will say this, the light- hitting washington national's have now gone 19 innings without scoring a run. this afternoon in new york, there was a no-hitter until the sixth inning. it was 1-0 mets in the ninth. he hits this hopper to third. this goes wide. he beats it out. take a look at the replay. you can clearly see the first baseman had his foot about 5 inches off the babyg when he got the ball. bad call. the national's lose 1-0 nonetheless. anytime you are begging things cannot be good. the director of the nfl was the commencement speaker today at the university of maryland. they chanted we want football.
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they are referring to the lockout. >> i am proud of the players who have stepped up to be leaders. today, i am mostly proud of a bunch of graduates who have the world in front of them. they're facing a lot of challenges but hopefully they possess a lot of hope and a lot of passion. >> the real star of the graduation was 66-year-old gary williams. he was asked by the students to be a part of the day. he said yes and then explained what his life has been like since retirement. >> people are nice. you really appreciate what people say. you try to keep that in mind, how nice they are. you enjoy it. i think anybody likes to hear nice things said. hopefully, i can give back to those people, because i'm going to be doing some things for this school in the future.
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>> he looks pretty happy, and he is definitely can. it is thursday, which means it is time to meet a future star. you already know this guy. he has become a youtube sensation. his goal is still the talk of the entire lacrosse world and well beyond. >> people and always come up to me and say, a good shot. >> he was up one goal and running out the clock when all of a sudden he let it fly from 80 yards out. >> i just did not want to get hit too hard. >> is a sports center top play and has almost 1.8 million youtube hits. >> sports center was really crazy. >> congratulations to match border our capital one high- school athlete of the week. >> the nba will play game 2 of the western conference tonight. dallas leads 1-0.
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>> what a boal. >> unbelievable. >> 8
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 heartfelt messages from parents with sick children.
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>> between now and 11:00, what kind of weather can we expect? >> there maybe a few showers around, but not much more than that. looking across the teddy roosevelt bridge back into the city just a few clouds. it is a beautiful sky. there is very little in the way of rain locally. we will see a couple of sprinkles, but that is about it. a few showers out in the foothills of blue ridge. i do not in most areas will get much more than sprinkles, if even that. tamara partly cloudy and 75. no rain in our saturday forecast. 85 on sunday with a 30% chance of a late date shower. monday-thursday, same story. we will have a fresh look at things at 11:00. >> that says summer type of forecast. >> for the first time. >> abc world news is coming up next. >> you 11:00. have a good night.
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